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The Towns Leadership Network

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Many towns across England and Wales face similar challenges to each other when it comes to resilience and cohesion. In some places, narratives of decline have taken hold. Others have seen rapid demographic change. Elsewhere there are public realm issues. These types of challenge can lead to local tensions, rising hate crime, or the unwanted attentions of the far right.

The Towns Leadership Network (TLN) is a new initiative by HOPE not hate Charitable Trust as part of our Hopeful Towns project. It will enable a more joined-up approach between towns, so it is easier to share good ideas and scale up best practice in making our towns confident, optimistic and welcoming places.

Membership of the TLN will allow you to access events and tools, to learn from practitioners and experts on tackling resilience as well as successful interventions and policies. The network will potentially link you with stakeholders in other towns facing similar challenges and will give towns a greater say in national policy, too.

It is free to be part of the TLN, all you need is an email address.


  • The network is open to all interested stakeholders who are working in a public, private or third sector role, in one or more of English and Wales’ 862 towns. There is no limit to the number of members from each town.

  • Members consent to be contacted by HOPE not hate Charitable Trust to receive our Talk of the Towns newsletter and other related information.

  • The TLN exists to connect, but we will always ask permission before we introduce you to other members.

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