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Fear, Hope and Loss: Understanding the drivers of HOPE and hate

This report sets out to understand the relationship between a sense of loss or and abandonment and feelings hostility towards the system and “the other”.


We find that those communities with the greatest anxiety towards immigration and multiculturalism are also the ones which has lost most through industrial and economic decline. Those who have been able to have moved out, leaving older populations least equipped to compete in the modern global world.


Published in 2018 and written in collaboration with the Centre For Towns, Fear, Hope and Loss investigated these issues in a more granular way than had been done before. Based on six years of polling, answers from 43,000 people, and using the most modern forms of data analysis, it mapped every lower super output area (approx. 1,000 houses) across England and Wales, and assessed them on the basis of their social and cultural attitudes.

The answers help us to understand political polarisation in the UK, and to grasp the underlying and interconnected factors which fuel attitudes to migration and multiculturalism.

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