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A tool for accessing resources

The Bid-Builder is a simple tool, designed as a micro-site to support local decision-makers at a time when central government resources for communities are often distributed via piecemeal funds.


It aims to support local authorities and community stakeholders in accessing funding, for work that will foster resilience and cohesion. We hope that, for officers, councillors and other local stakeholders in busy roles, it does some of the heavy lifting.


The micro-site includes the following:

  • Pages and feeds where authorities and their partner organisations can stay up to speed with opportunities

  • Simple tips, suggested by those working in local and national government, on giving yourself the best chance of success with a proposal

  • A list of grant-making organisations, so that councils can flag non-governmental sources of extra revenue to their community and third sector partners

  • Local and national data libraries, helping officers quickly demonstrate their area’s needs in the national context

  • An archive of relevant think tank reports and parliamentary papers, which can help to bolster the underlying rationale behind a funding application.

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